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Updates and a summary

This is where we are now: 1. Character progression will not be tracked per level. Instead you will be noticed when you learn new things and abilities. Skill levels will not be visible, instead you should get the feeling or … Continue reading

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When you get damaged what happens is that a particular injury has occurred on your body. At this point some various things happens. First of all it is a matter of if you notice and are aware of this injury. … Continue reading

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Parallell blog

I have started begun work on a computer game based on this project  The blog can be followed here:

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How to Check actions

A unified system on how to decide on the different Checks in any action. First, there is a rule of three. In the three steps a different faculty is used. Primal Faculty, Mental Faculty and Physical Faculty. Each of them … Continue reading

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Motivation – Cognition or Emotion

Cognition and Emotion denotes two separate innate functions of the human body and psyche, both of which are Motivational faculties. Emotions are the feelings that humans feel in any particular situation which fills the body and mind with a sense … Continue reading

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Constitution Powers

Immune system: Deceases Prerequisites: Having been afflicted with one decease Effect: When ever you get afflicted with a decease and manage to cure yourself from it, you gain immunity to this decease forever after. Description: Your body is not only … Continue reading

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Intelligence based magic Part II.

It was discussed in the last post how you create spells and how you cast spells and also what is needed from you in order to do so. In this post I will explain and discuss how you manage and … Continue reading

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