Motivation – Cognition or Emotion

Cognition and Emotion denotes two separate innate functions of the human body and psyche, both of which are Motivational faculties. Emotions are the feelings that humans feel in any particular situation which fills the body and mind with a sense of importance and meaning. Emotions often feels abstract and are at most times not easy to rephrase with spoken or written language. If a human acts on the Emotions, then, it might not be as easy to explain the WHY of the action.

Cognitions on the other hand, are more often rational and conceived of the thoughts a human thinks. The thoughts usually forms some kind of logical pattern, where past experiences and the currently possessed knowledge are the basis of the thoughts. Just as emotions acts as the motivational factors for humans when acting, Cognitions motivates humans in a more concrete and rationally conscious way and actions may be consciously decided upon before the act takes place. A decision that follows some sort of a coherent thought that makes some sort of internal sense.

Even though Emotions and Cognitions, as human motivational faculties, are not easy to clearly describe we can sense a distinction between the two. Below are some Powers that comes with either Emotion or Cognition


Prerequisites: Reched the Professional level of at least 1 Practical Skill, Will +1 or higher.
Effect: Will Check is increased with your Cognition score and maximum roll on 1d10 for the Will Check.
Whenever you are forced to act on an Emotion (such as when being under the influence of a magic spell that alters your emotions) you can force yourself to act against the emotion.

Epi-Cognitive Space
Prerequisites: Having cast one spell.
Effect: You add your Cognition score to all Spell Checks
Each individual has a unique way of imagining and thinking and the way of thinking is called Cognitive Space. Your Cognitive Space is naturally including the higher dimensions when thinking.

Group Inspiration
Prerequisites: Be of Allonomous moral alignment.
Effect: The result of all dice rolls are increased with +1 when when being part of a group. This affects the dice roll itself so that a 9 becomes a 10, for example.
When acting as an individual in a group or a team your feel more motivated and are able to exceed where you in other situations, being alone, would not.

Orderly Emotions
Prerequisites: Emotion +4 or higher, Cognition +5 or higher. Will +5 or higher.
Effect: You gain access to Inspirations and may choose one directly. You can activate all Inspirations at Will at any time.
With your thoughts you can produce emotions that are benefcial for you. Your prefrontal cortex has gained the advantage to at any time fill yourself with positive emotions.


Battle Frenzy
– Strength, Agility and Endurance are increased with a value equal to your Emotion Score,
– Movement speed is increased with + 5 m/s
– All Motor Faculties (Coordination, Reaction and Pattern Generation) are increased with +1
– Damage Resistance is increased with +10
– Physical Fatigue increases twice as fast.

The Moment of Now
– Focused Attention and Sustained Attention are increased with a value equal to your Emotion Score.
– Divided Attention, Alternating Attention and Selective Attention are decreased with a value equal to your Emotion Score.

Deja Vu
– Pattern Generation is increased with a value equal to your Emotion Score
– You may not use any other Inspirations, Powers or special abilities while this is in effect.


Prerequisites: Memory +1, Instinct +1, having been frightened at least once.
Effect: You can add your Emotion Score to your Will Roll when attempting to resist being frightened from a natural or supernatural effect.
Your previous experiences has taught you that fleeing is not always the best thing to do. You have learnt how to take control of your flight or fight mechanism.

Prerequisites: Instinct +2
Effect: When you are outnumbered by enemies you can choose one
Dice Roll to have maximum effect. This power can be used once per day.
At moments when the odds looks to be against you, you are able to find courage and are able to act at your maximum potential.

Prerequisites: Instinct +3
Effect: When your HP is at 25% or lower of your maximum or HP you you gain bonuses equal to your Emotion Score to all Faculties of the Body. This power can kick in once per day.
When your life force is drained and your life is in danger you have learned that there is always more power to harness. A stream of intensive emotions fills your body and you feel revitalised.

Reverse Emotion
Prerequisites: Cognition +3, having been aflicted at least once by a negative emotion from a spell effect.
Effect: All negative effects are reversed to have positive effects. This power can be used once per day.
With a conscious effort you have learned how to alter emotions that has been imposed on you through magical means.

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4 Responses to Motivation – Cognition or Emotion

  1. Jensan says:

    I was reading the Hope-power, and had two questions:

    1) in general, how long does these bonuses last (this is concerning all powers, not just Hope)?

    2) for Hope, say that I’m down to 25% of my HP. Hope kicks in, yay! Go Team Me! I get bonuses to faculties, and start kicking ass again. I manage to (somehow) get my HP up to 26-27% – does this mean Hope goes away? And does Hope kicks in if I drop down to 25% again? E.g.: down to 25% (hope kicks in), drinks potion (HP > 25%), get hit (HP < 25%), hope kicks in, drinks potion, get hit, hope kicks in, and so on.

    • anteolsson says:

      1. The length of any power will be decided by the Attention and some dice roll I think. I am not sure yet because the length can be decided differently. For example in combat the most appropriate measure of length is Rounds. Out of combat it can be Minues, hours or days. But this will be decided later and my hope is that all Power durations can simply be controlled by a Sustained Attention Check. In such a case, there could for example be a chance of the Power getting reactivated.

      2. Very well spotted. There should be a limited use on it, such as that it can only happen once per day. I will update that.

  2. anteolsson says:

    The Hope Power is updated now!

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