Constitution Powers

Immune system: Deceases
Prerequisites: Having been afflicted with one decease
Effect: When ever you get afflicted with a decease and manage to cure yourself from it, you gain immunity to this decease forever after.
Your body is not only of high vitality and health. It has also with an increased immune system learnt how to prevent and protect against the deceases it already knows.

Immune system: Poison
Prerequisites: Having been poisoned at least once.
Effect: Whenever you are poisoned you gain +5 to your Constitution Checks for resisting any poison and to get rid of any posion. Also, if you you do get poisoned your body only takes half the detrimental effects and they last only half as long.
Having been poisoned before your body has learned how to fight any poison to maximum effect, both preventively and when your body do get poisoned.
Poisons are fundamentally different from deceases in that deceases are organic cells that try to reproduce and take over your body. The more the decease manage to reproduce in your body the more affliction it will incur. Poisons, on the other hand, has no reproductive function and will instead only affect according to the volume poison that afflicts your body. Some poisons are so potent that only the smallest volume will have devastating effects to your body.

Prerequisites: Having been wounded.
Effect: Whenever you have been wounded (a loss of Health Points) you recover and heal at twice the normal rate.
Your body is healthy enough to afford to spend enough energy to mend your wounds faster, while still maintaining energy reserves for the rest of your organs. The wound can be a simple bruise to that of an open wound or an internal organ being damaged. You do not, however, recover lost limbs.

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