Intelligence based Magic – How it works and creating Spells

Intelligence based Magic

Magic is the act of by will forcing what you imagine to become real. Magic is Not to manipulate with your mind what already is real. It is for example not Magic to bend a spoon with your mind. It is however Magic to materialise a spoon with your mind.

Due to how the universe of Seventh works, the universe this game will be in, anyone’s Imagination exists in a higher dimension. Let me list all of the dimensions, from the lowest to the highest, for easy reference:

Spatial dimensions
1. Width
2. Height
3. Depth
Psychic dimensions
4. Time
5. Mind
6. Emotion
Transcendant dimension
7. Soul
Divine dimensions
8. Understanding
9. Knowledge
10. Free Will

Requirements for learning to use Magic
In order to be able to cast a spell, then, one has to first understand the different dimensions. This is in gaming statistics decided by the character’s Intelligence score. An intelligence score of 3 makes you understand algebra because you then understand the first 3 spatial dimensions which are the fundamentals to describe any shape (sphere, cube, cone etc). An intelligence score of 4 makes you understand classical physics, ie spatial shapes in motion, as motion is caused by Time. An intelligence of 5 makes you understand your own mind. This is the requirement in order to learn and use magic at all.

Casting Spells
Understanding the relation between your imagination and the real physical world is not enough, however to manifest a spell. It is also needed that you are able to Sense the higher dimension.

Just like our eyes sense information from the spatial dimensions, we have another sense which can sense in the higher dimensions. This sense is called Clairvoyance. As our senses are constantly on, it is not needed to have a specific Clairvoyance score in order to sense the higher dimensions. However, when you cast a spell you need to make a Clairvoyance Check (1d10 + Clairvoyance score). If the result of this Check is equal to or higher than the dimension you try to sense, you are successful.

After you have successfully Sensed the higher dimension(s) you need to see if you can understand it. This is done by an Intelligence Check (1d10 + Intelligence score). If the result of this Check is equal to or higher than the highest dimension you try to understand, you are successful.

Lastly you need to Will your imagination into the Spatial dimensions. The success of this is decided by a Will Check (1d10 + Will score). If the result of this Check is equal to or higher than the dimension you try to sense, you are successful.

The 3 Spell Checks
When you cast any spell you need to do the following Checks in the following order.
1. Clairvoyance Check = 1d10 + Clairvoyance Score
This check is to see if you can sense to higher dimension you will use to cast your spell.
2. Intelligence Check = 1d10 + Intelligence score
This check is to see if you can understand what it is that you are sensing in the higher dimension.
3. Will Check = 1d10 + Will score
This check is to see if your will is strong enough to force the imagined into the physical world.

All of the three checks have to be successful in order for the spell to be manifested.

The Elements
In this universe there exists 5 basic elements. These elements are the classic ones: Fire, Air, Water and Earth. However, there also exists a fifth elements which is called the Magic Element. Fore ease of reference, I list them here in order.

1. Fire
2. Air
3. Water
4. Earth
5. Magic

Apart from the elements being distinct on their own, the elements also represents the 4 different states any matter can be in. These states are Solid (Earth), Fluid (Water), Gas (Air, Fire) and Plasma (Magic). The elements within the parenthesis denotes which state that element is in it natural form. Fire and Air is naturally Gaseous, Water is naturally Fluid, Earth is Naturally Solid and Magic is naturally Plasmic. As we know, water can also be Solid (ice) and Gaseous (steam). Likewise all the other elements can be in different states but in order to change the state of an element, a second element needs to be used to change the state.

So, for example, if you want to cast a spell that manifests Ice Cubes, you need to first manifest Water and then Wind to make the water colder until the water freezes into Ice. Another example is if you want to make Fire Fluid, you need to first manifest Earth and then Fire so that the earth become so warm, from the fire, that it reaches a fluid state. Magma is an example of Fluid Fire. We can then see, that we can play around with this concept in order to understand how we can manifest our imagination.

Spells on the fly
When learning magic, you do not learn specific spells. Instead you try to manifest whatever it is that you are imagining. If you imagine a burning lion with two horns, made completely out of fire, this is what you are trying to manifest. So, instead of researching or learning specific spells you invent spells, with your imagination as the only limit. For this to work I have tried to develop a system where any magic user should be able to create any spell they imagine.



Area of Effect

Casting time
Effect time



From the above options you then choose one or more from the different groups to make a spell. I will try it at once and make a fireball that I imagine.

SourceElement – Fire
Source Dimension – Mind
Effect Detrimental – Harm
Spatial Range
Spatial Area of Effect
Duration Casting Time
Duration Effect Time
Target Physical – Area

The above are needed for me to include in order to manifest a Fire Ball Spell. I then need to assign what the different rolls or formulas are for each in order to both cast the spell and determine its effect.

Source Element – Fire =  Knowledge of Fire Element is required
Source Dimension – Mind = The 3 Spell Checks
Effect Detrimental – Harm = Formulae for Thermal Energy
Spatial Range = Within sight
Spatial Area of Effect = Will Roll from the 3 Spell Checks
Duration Casting Time = Normal
Duration Effect Time = Instant
Target Physical – Area = Within sight

This is all for the moment but all questions are welcome so I can get this as clear as possible.

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3 Responses to Intelligence based Magic – How it works and creating Spells

  1. Jensan says:

    It feels logical and natural, good writing. Only thing I’m worried about is that it may become something of a bottleneck to create new spells on the fly.

    Another thing that may be a little confusing is the use of the term “magic”: it’s the sixth dimension, it’s the fifth element, and it’s also the word used to describe all this (e.g. casting a spell is to use magic).

    I like the three spell checks, they feel logical in their steps. It would be cool if failing any step would indicate some sort of “success”; i.e. you roll on all steps even if you fail some step.
    For instance: succeeding on the first and third step, but failing the second, could mean you are able to sense the magic dimension and are strong enough to force it into being, but you do not understand what it is you have brought forth!

  2. anteolsson says:

    Thank you for the feedback.

    The last thing you said I have not thought about but I like it and it follows the same logic. It means that something you did not calculate could happen, which adds to the risks of casting a spell. Excellent Idea!

    That the word Magic is used too often I agree with. The dimension Magic can change to Emotion, for I am quite sure that is what I mean with that dimension. I will update it

    That both the discipline and the element is called magic I think is quite safe. Dungeons and dragons use it and also Diablo 2. What I mean is what Terry Pratchet means: Raw Magic (Rå Magi!), ie magic in its purest form. But I am all ears and if you have better word for the fifth element. Another word that makes sense, is of course preferable for describing the fifth element.

    I think that we can solve the problem with not wanting to create spells on the fly will be explained in the next post. In short, anyone can create spells at any time and can so put them in a database. Instead of then creating them when you need them you select pre-made ones and you just pretend that it was your own imagination. Secondly, there will be a possibility to memorise spells that you have once imagined. I will explain this in the next post, however.

  3. anteolsson says:

    I have now updated the Magic Dimension to be called the Emotion Dimension

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