TRAITS – Part I – Patience and Timing

Patience is an important trait in many aspects of a character. Waiting for the right moment can be critical when determining the success of an outcome such as waiting for the fish to be hooked properly or for avoiding the blows from incoming attacks until the attacker shows where its weakness lie so that a strike can damage the attacker many times more severly than if the strike had occurred earlier.

A characters patience is by and large dependant on experience but also on how well you the person is able to control his or her emotions. Patience is then dependant on a characters Emotion. The higher the Patience the longer a character is able to wait.

Patience is good as long as you do not wait too long. A character therefore is in need of knowing When the right time has arrived. Timing is unarguably important here. More arguable, howeever, is what Timing really is and what other properties of a persona that governs the knowledge of Timing.

Most of us would describe Timing as a feeling rather than an exact science. Timing is therefore dependant on a characters Intuition and Emotion. The higher the Intuition the higher the chance of the persons Timing to be equal to the time that the execution has the most effectiveness. The higher the Emotion the higher the chance for the character to actually react when the correct Timing is due. To clarify the difference between Intuition and Emotion in connection to Timing I here draw an example too further illustrate:

An attacker weilding a shield and a sword strikes at you. You manage do dodge his first attack but instead of striking back you wait until the attacker strikes again. Here you make a Timing/Intuition Check (1d10 + Timing + Intuition) to first see if this is the right time to strike. If successful you know if you need to wait or if this is the right time to strike back or not. In this case your Intuition Check is successful and you know you need to wait, because the attacker has not shown you any weak spots yet. The attacker makes his second attack and you dodge this attack too. Again you make a Timing/Intuition Check and it is successful again. You notice that the attacker has lowered his shield enough for you to swing your sword over it and hit his throat, which is not protected. But at this point you only have a split second to decide if this is the time to strike or not. Therefore you need to make a Timing/Emotion Check to see if you strike back or not. In this case your Emotion Check is successful and immediately you swing your sword towards the attacker. As always when you swing your sword, the attack’s success is dependant on your Skill with that sword and the state of which your body is in.

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3 Responses to TRAITS – Part I – Patience and Timing

  1. Jensan says:

    So Timing tells a person how long he should wait, and Patience determines whether he’s able to actually wait that long?

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