A glimpse of the character sheet

Character Sheet a glimpse


The character sheet above is an early map of what is included and how a character is described. It is not finished but might give a good idea of what it will end up as. All the Skills, Traits, Talents and Allignment is missing and will be added as the progress goes forward.

The fundamental rules and principles

In the image above, an attribute is everything listed under Primal Powers, Faculties and Derivates (for a lack of a better word).
Each attribute has a value ranging from -10 to 10, where -10 represents the lowest effectiveness possible and where 0 represents the human average.

When an attribute reaches the values of 1, 3, 6 and 10 a new special ability will be learned connected to the attribute.

To further explain this here are some examples:

If you increase your Strength to a Value of 1 you will learn a new ability such as: 1 extra Damage Dice, +2 on all Push Checks, +2 on all Lift Checks and so on. The next time you will learn a new ability connected to your Strength you will learn an additional ability.

If you instead increase you Memory to a value of 1 you learn an ability that has to do with your Memory such as, Recall Memory Powers, +2 to memories triggered by Smell/Sound/Visuals etc,

The above is true for All attributes on your character sheet and so a first level character can know many different abilities depending on what values are allocated to the different attributes.

I hope this can imbue some excitement and maybe raise some thoughts of what this will end up as.
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